SHMAP library


Shmap library is written for developers to get access to shared memory as easy as possible. I wrote this library because i needed one day a simple and fast way to allow different apache web server childs communicate to communicate with each other. This lead to one thing after another ending with start of this project.

So what is it? Well, a simple hashmap library. The difference is, that it uses only shared memory to store its values. See API for more details.

Current status

The latest release is 0.2 and its from a stable branch. This includes better configuration tools, makefile and of course bugfixes. If you are using any older version, i suggest you upgrade to 0.2. At the moment i am working on new development series 0.3. It will have many new functions, some API changes and of course new features.


The plan is, to support different types of hashmaps. Some of them use less memory and are slower, some of them should use more memory and therefore are a lot faster. Also i'm thinking about writing memory allocation functions myself and not use libmm for that.


Latesr development release:
Shmap version 0.3.2

Latest stable release:
Shmap version 0.2

You'll need libmm for version 0.2 to compile.


The programming interface that you can use is described here but if you are using the latest development release then use development release API available here. Note that API has changed and will change in the future. See changelog for information of any changes.


If you want feedback or have any ideas, then you can use the powerful sourceforge system. You will find forums and other stuff on projects page. I usually keep an eye on project page, so i'll answer any questions as soon as possible.

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